Tired of the more standard black/brown Samsung Galaxy Tab cases? Try a purple one, it’s a nice non-standard color, without going completely crazy.

The features besides the color of the case is rather standard, but of good quality. The leather exterior and soft interior keeps your Galaxy Tab new and cool looking for a long time. The interior leather frame offers some extra protection for the screen of your Galaxy Tab. The interior also features a pocket for your documents.

The case is kept closed using a leather flap. It allows for quick and easy access to your Galaxy Tab. The case allows for full access to all ports, buttons and features.

Get this unique case today, if you’re tired of being like everybody else.

Galaxy Tab Purple Leather Case

If you’re in the UK and want a purple Galaxy Tab case, go to Amazon UK:

Looking to buy all your Galaxy Tab accessories in one sweep? We got the perfect bundle for you. It includes a black silicone skin, screenguard, leather case, stylus, sync & charge cable and a mini wireless keyboard.

You get this full bundle for $38.95. Considering the price, you can’t really expect a magnificent case or cover. What you get though, is accessories that works and gets the job done. You get some plain and decent accessories for your Galaxy Tab.

The most exciting products included (if you ask me) is the leather case and keyboard. You always need a case for travel or everyday use. You will appreciate the keyboard if you suddenly have to write alot of emails when travelling or away from a computer.

Slap the screenguard on your Galaxy Tab and you can watch clear movies and read ebooks for much longer, since the screenguard keeps the scratches away.

Sausage fingers like me? Use the stylus when navigating and typing on the screen, it’s alot less frustrating.

Galaxy Tab Accessories

Get the Galaxy Tab Accessories Bundle from Amazon US:

Do you use your Galaxy Tab in a more abusive environment than most? Then you need better protection for it than most. The hard ABS body of this case will do the trick, guaranteed.

Some cases can take a beating better than others and this is one of those cases. I’m not saying that other cases are of low quality, they’re just not built to handle what this one is built for. The hard ABS body will keep the Galaxy Tab untouched inside this case. It will protect against scratches and shock damage.

The suede lining interior is guaranteed to keep the Galaxy Tab completely scratch free. The Galaxy Tab just might not want to come out of this case, that’s how great it is. The protection is one of the things with this case, but the finished carbon 3D fabric exterior, makes it look good too, which is just as important to some.

Want quality and looks, go for this case, it’s really cheap too at the moment.

Galaxy Tab Carbon Flip Case

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Carbon Case is waiting for you at Amazon US:

This is definately one of my favorite Galaxy Tab Cases. I’ve actually tried this for the iPad, Kindle and some other gadgets. It looks great and does an amazing job protecting each of them.

The case is mainly made from natural hemp and cotton, with some artificial leather details. This is a very animal friendly case in other words. The artificial leather details can be seen on the inside of the case. When the case is closed, the exterior only displays the natural hemp and cotton material with its nicely embroidered design.

Galaxy Tab Hemp Case Front

The interior holds pockets for paper, a pen and 3 microSD cards. Very practical and well thought through design.

The case offers all the protection you expect from a high quallity case. No scratches or bumps. The artificial leather frame around the Galaxy Tab on the inside of the case, keeps the screen new for longer. You might want to add a screen protector though, they’re a cheap insurance for a scratch free screen.

Galaxy Tab Hemp Case Back

The sweet Samsung Galaxy Tab Natural Hemp Case can be found at Amazon US:

If you’re UK based, find it at Amazon UK:

Another great looking cover for the Galaxy Tab. Although I try to be animal friendly, I would love to see this in real leather, I think it would look cool after some wear and tear. Not sure how the faux leather will cope with that.

This is a cover with a design that I haven’t seen too much of. It’s a flip over case with stand. Mostly you see flip overs for cell phones, not the different pad’s available. Since the Galaxy Tab is smaller than most other pad’s it might work quite well.

The included stand can be placed in three angles, which might be two or three short, depending on your use. The possibility to place the Galaxy Tab in both horizontal and vertical position is nice though.

Galaxy Tab Faux Leather Cover

The Galaxy Tab is well protected inside the cover and the cover is kept closed thanks to the secure flap.

The manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty on the workmanship and materials, I wonder if the Galaxy Tab lasts as long!

If you want a Veggie Samsung Galaxy Tab Faux Leather Cover, you can go to Amazon US:

If in the UK, go to Amazon UK:

Otterbox is a top brand when it comes to gadget protection. They’ve got cases for the iPad, iPhone, HTC, Blackberry and now the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can be certain that the products they offer is of the highest quality.

The Otterbox case offers a three different protections. The case consist of a high-quality polycarbonate shell and a silicone skin. The screen is protected with a clear protective membrane.

The three layers of protection gives a complete protection solution for your Galaxy Tab, you really don’t need anything else. The case protects against scratches, bumps, shoch and dust. The case is very slim and adds little bulk to your Galaxy Tab. Just the way we like it.

Galaxy Tab Otterbox Case Front

The case allows for full access to all buttons, ports and features. Once it’s on your Galaxy Tab there’s no reason to remove it.

The package also includes a ratcheting belt clip holster, that some might like. I have no intention of using it, but that’s just me. Included things are a good thing, no mmatter what.

Galaxy Tab Otterbox Case Inside

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Otterbox Defender Case is waiting for you at Amazon US:

It’s also available at Amazon UK:

SGP recently released an exciting case for the Galaxy Tab. It’s a part of the Argos series, and it looks amazing. It cocts a bit more than most, but you get alot more in terms of quality and craftmanship.

Luxurious is probably the best word for this case. It just radiates quality and the design is among the best. The case is handmade and it’s easy to see and feel. I must say that I’m quite impressed with SGP, thanks to this case.

The exterior is naturally high quality leather and it really looks like high quality leather too. The interior is soft and smooth microfiber, and you can see pictures of it by clicking one of the images or the link at the bottom of the page.

Galaxy Tab Leather Cover Argos Front

The case is very slim but sturdy. The protection it offers against scratches, bumps and shock damage is better than most. All buttons ports and features are easily accessible thanks to precision cut-outs.

Get this 100% handmade designer piece today and you will never regret it.

Galaxy Tab Leather Cover Argos Angles

It’s available at Amazon US:

Duragadget is releasing a Galaxy Tab leather case with stand december 24th. A bit late to be under the tree in other words, but what you can do is sell your boring christmas socks and buy this case instead.

This case looks really interesting and you can click on the image or links below for some more describing images.

A leather case will naturally give you the standard protection you can expect against scratches, bumps and shock damage. A leather frame keeps the screen of the Galaxy Tab a bit more safe that most cases do. I still recommend a screenguard though.

Galaxy Tab Leather Case With Stand

The cutouts in the case allows for full access to all buttons, ports and features, just as it should. The integrated stand gives you the possibility to view movies without holding the tab. Several angles can be used.

Card slots in the back of the cover gives you a place to store whatever cards you have or maybe a SD-card.

A great buy that you don’t want to miss out on.

The Duragadget Samsung Galaxy Tab Leather Case is waiting for you at Amazon US:

It can also be spotted at Amazon UK:

December 15th, 2010Samsung Galaxy Tab Hard Cover

Are you struggling with some christmas presents? If you happen to know someone who owns a Galaxy Tab, this hard cover is the present you’re looking for. Perfectly priced too.

This Galaxy Tab hard cover is perfectly molded to fit your new favorite toy. It adds very little bulk, keeping the Tab just as thin and light as you want it to be. The backside and sides of your Galaxy Tab is very well protected with this cover. The screen isn’t covered (naturally) but the sides of the cover allows the Tab to sink in a bit, giving some protection that way. If you add a screenguard to this package, you’re golden.

The cover gives you full access to all buttons, ports and features. No need to ever remove the cover in other words. Better safe than sorry!

Galaxy Tab Hard cover

This Samsung Galaxy Tab Hard Cover is available from Amazon US:

How about a top rated Galaxy Tab leather case where you get close to 60% off? The leather case from roocase that you can see below, was $59.86 and is now $24.98. Time for a bargain.

A leather case for your Galaxy Tavb is a given, you just can’t go wrong with one. It protects well, looks good and it’s practical. When you can get one for half the original price, the choice isn’t really a choice anymore, just get it.

The exterior leather and interior microfiber will protect against scratches, dirt, dust and shock damage. Perfect travel protection. Your Galaxy Tab will be well protected when you place the case inside a larger bag or case.

Galaxy Tab Leather Case With Stand

This specific leather case also includes a stand for watching movies and reading ebooks without holding the Galaxy Tab. Just lean back with your coffee or tee and enjoy a movie.

The Black Samsung Galaxy Tab Case With Stand is available from Amazon US: